About us

The kennel "von der Wienerau" was founded back in 1957 by Mr. Walter Martin. Walter managed the breed until his death in 1996. Since then Renée Rosén-Martin and Michael Rosén continue the breeding.
Renée started up with german shepherds already in Sweden over 40 years ago. Somewhen in the late 70´s she met Walter and since 1980 we live down in Germany.
Today our breed is teamwork, part of the team are Britta Rateuke, our "Greenhorn" in shepherds and finally the next generation of our family. Our two boys who already have a lot of fun with the dogs, too. Here we also want to express out thanks to all who still help and support us.

Lars-Henrik and Niklas hypnotized by two ladies (Wega and Yuppy).